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Ja to mam fart :) 2008-09-30 18:32
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_-¯ Jeszcze nie zakończyłem sprawy odebrania $20.5 miliona, a już w kolejce czekają kolejne pieniądze :)

Subject: A cry for help

I am Lolly Stevens a citizen of wales in the United Kingdom. I am writting you to seek your help to help my family as a beneficary to claim our family funds from a security company in Holland. After my father passed away we have been unable to collect our money due to some family difficulties. The funds has a total of Twenty Million USdollars and you shall have Seven Million Dollars for yoru assistance. Please write me back via my private address and I shall give you all the neccessary informations to proceed. I anxiously wait to hear from you.
Lolly Stevens

Zaraz wysyłam e-mail po dalsze informacje i robię miejsce na koncie ;)

_-¯ Uaktualnienie 1:
Wysłałem krótki e-mail, o treści: Hello
How could I help you?

... i po niedługim czasie otrzymałem obszerną odpowiedź. Jak widać, sprawa jest poważna. Hello My Friend,

Thank you for your reply back to me. Allow me to introduce myself again to you.
My Name is Ms. Lolly Stevens, the eldest child/daughter Of late Mr. Chico Stevens.My father was a big time farmer in South Wales, he uses most of South Wales farm land for farming.

My father was very successful in the farming business. Some top officials In the Government were Jealous because of his wealth and success in the farming business.They wanted him to Join them carry out a dubious deal against the Government but he refused, so they plan to kill him and claim all his wealth to finance their dubious deal.On one faithfull day he was driving home and he was assasinated.He was rushed to the hospital by a good Samaritan but he did not make it.Before his death he transfered most of his fund to a Security company In Holland.

He gave me the contact Information to the Security company which the fund was located.Those people were looking for me and my family and we ran to east london for safety because they know we knew were my father funds were resting.I contacted the Security company yesterday on how I could collect the funds with my lawyer assistance and they told me that I need a foreign beneficiary outside United Kingdom because of Security reasons.

And I don't have anyone outside the UK that will stand for me as a beneficiary. They said they are holding (TWENTY MILLION USDOLLARS) for my father.The funds have been deposited there for four years now and it has accumulated charges which I must pay before the consignment will be released.All my father properties was extorted from us and confisicated.Please assist me and my family in claiming the funds from the security company.I and my family shall reinburse you in double of any amount of money you spent in helping us,when you receive the total sum from the security company in Holland.

We will pay you seven million dollars for your help.Sorry I replied late my son was sick. All I have told you is not a joke but a real problem I and my family are facing.All I need from you is your assistance as a beneficiary because the security company in Holland need some one that would stand for me and my family to clear the funds out of the security company.We are suffering at this point of time,we cant feed,clothe and pay rent.Our family lawyer has been assisting us since my father died.I would have done this alone but the security company made it clear to us that they will not accept anyone inside U.K because of security reasons,that was why I contacted you for your help.I am a single mother i do work in a small firm in London where i earn little amount to take care of my boy and myself.We are really suffering please help us.My family is willing to reward you and they are ready to meet up to your demands when you help us clear the funds out of the company by also paying for the demurage charges.

This is what you should do now. You will contact my family lawyer his name is Barrister Markson Igie, his
Phone: +447031742579

When you contact him through any of those means above you should furnish him with your informations, your phone number,Fax number,Address and your Full name, tell him I directed you and he should advise you on how to get in contact with the security company.Please this is the next step you should do next.Barrister Markson is a nice man.He will give you all the informations of the security company on how you would contact them,also guide lines.Please contact my lawyer as soon as possible ok, DON'T FAIL US, HELP US.

Thank you
Ms. Lolly Stevens

Ponieważ nie chcę mnożyć wpisów bez potrzeby, będę uaktualniał ten wątek w miarę rozwoju sytuacji. ,,Stay tuned!'', jak mawiał Onufry Zagłoba

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